Latest News: 21 Aug 2017


Japan launches new GPS augmentation satellite
21 Aug 2017 - Rocket: H-IIA No. 35; Payload: Michibiki No. 3 (QZSS-3); Date: 19 August 2017, 0529 UTC; Launch site: Tanegashima Space Center, Japan. The launch and flight proceeded as planned and the separation of the satellite was confirmed at approximately 28 minutes and 37 seconds after lift-off. >>>

Launch vehicle for Amazonas 5 arrives at Baikonur
21 Aug 2017 - The ILS Proton Launch Vehicle hardware for the Amazonas 5 launch arrived at the launch site in Baikonur via train on 18 August. The LV hardware includes the Proton, Briz M, Payload Fairing, and Ascent Unit. Launch is scheduled for September from Pad 39. >>>

Satellites for next Ariane 5 launch undergo final checkout
21 Aug 2017 - The Ariane 5 for Arianespace's ninth flight in 2017 is being readied for a 5 September lift-off, while its two satellite passengers - Intelsat's Intelsat 37e and BSAT-4a for SSL on behalf of Japan's Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT) - continue their final checkout at the French Guiana facility. >>>





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