Latest News: 25 Jul 2017


Two satellites integrated with Vega
25 Jul 2017 - Build-up of the lightweight Vega for Arianespace's upcoming mission to orbit twin Earth observation satellites is complete in French Guiana, with the OPTSAT-3000 and Venµs spacecraft now integrated with their launch vehicle. >>>

Rocket Crafters to design, develop and test hybrid engine
25 Jul 2017 - Rocket Crafters, Inc. (RCI) announced it has been awarded a US$542,600 research contract by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Under the terms of the agreement, RCI is tasked to build and test a large-scale hybrid rocket engine using RCI's patented Direct-Digital Advanced Rocket Technology (D-DART). >>>

CubeCab to launch 1,000 satellites for ThumbSat
25 Jul 2017 - Educational satellite company ThumbSat has agreed to launch 1,000 of its satellites on CubeCab's Cab-3A rocket family. >>>


Former XCOR chief test engineer joins Deep Space Industries
25 Jul 2017 - Deep Space Industries announced that Doug Jones, formerly chief test engineer at XCOR, is joining the company's team as director of propulsion systems. >>>